The National Police Fund

Who is it for?

The Police Dependants’ Trust is the sole trustee of the National Police Fund. The two charities share similar purposes and eligibility criteria i.e. families affected by injury and death as a result of a parent’s role as a police officer but also extends to families where officers are suffering illness or have died for reasons not associated with their police career.

Where there is a need for financial support, the National Police Fund supports police forces and individual families in England, Scotland and Wales and provides grants to:

  • police dependants aged 16-25 who are in further education i.e. university degree or vocational qualification (minimum one-year course and excludes A levels).

The National Police Fund also offers:

  • Benevolent Fund Grants – small grants available to police force benevolent funds with an annual income below £100,000
  • Wellbeing Grants – small grants available to police forces and sports associations to fund specific projects focussed on improving the wellbeing of police officers and staff.

The Fund is incorporated by Royal Charter, which regulates its charitable activities.